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Founded and led by Janice L. Gauthier, a graduate of Harvard Law School, The Gauthier Law Group is a boutique real estate law firm that represents international, national, regional and local businesses and individuals in the Greater Milwaukee and Madison Areas and throughout Wisconsin. The Firm combines high quality, sophisticated legal representation with the personalized, attentive service and competitive pricing that are the hallmarks of a boutique practice.

As a boutique firm, The Gauthier Law Group does not try to do everything. Instead, the Firm focuses on providing excellent legal representation to its clients on a wide variety of real estate transactions, together with legal representation in related areas, such as business law and commercial finance. The Gauthier Law Group does not do any litigation for its clients; instead the Firm focuses on structuring, negotiating and closing real estate transactions in a way that will help the Firm’s clients avoid a trip to the courthouse, now or in the future.

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